LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A Little Rock mother is asking people to slow down after two cars crashed outside her home within a week.

Starre Haas has lived on Arch Street in downtown Little Rock for six years. She said the neighborhood has been great for raising her two daughters.

 "We are so happy to be a part of it," Haas said.

But recently she has grown more and more concerned.  She said speeding is a big problem.

"I don't want to feel as a parent my kids can't play in the front yard. Unfortunately, that's a reality for me right now living on Arch Street at rush hour with my children," she said.

Haas says just in this past week, two cars have crashed right outside where her daughters play. Another driver also totaled her car when she was making a left-hand turn just outside her home at a stop sign.

"I assume he was trying to pass me and of course as I turned left, he hit me on my driver's side," Haas said.

Haas said speeding on Arch Street has been an issue in the past, eventually bringing it to the city in 2017 to try and get something done to slow people down.

"They did a study and they found out there weren't enough vehicles coming down the street each day," Haas said.

THV11 spoke with the Traffic Engineering Department about that study. Manager Bill Henry said the street averaged about 530 cars a day and the average speed was between 26 and 29 mph, under the 30 mph speed limit. 

The same study was done in 2015 with the same result.

"We have young families here. Kids are actively being walked back and forth to school," Haas said.

But Haas said she witnesses drivers speeding all the time, and she won't stop until something is done.

"We're going to be talking to the police department and working together on a citizen level. We're actually coming together as citizens of the neighborhood and coming up with our own strategies to make this a safer street if we don't get the help we need," she said.

THV11 spoke with Little Rock Police and they say they are checking to see if there are other reports of speeding, they will also be looking into this issue.