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Little Rock pedestrian accidents rise in 2022

This year so far, Little Rock has had 26 fatal accidents and has already been the second deadliest year, according to LRPD records.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — Recently, Little Rock has seen several pedestrian accidents, and the police department is expecting this year to be one of the deadliest.

According to LRPD's records, the deadliest year for pedestrians was 2020 with 33 fatal pedestrian accidents.

This year, Little Rock has had 26 fatal accidents so far and has already been the second deadliest year.

"It does look like we are on pace to probably get close to matching it," said Kyle Henson, LRPD's hit-and-run investigator.

So, where are these incidents happening? 

More than half of Little Rock's pedestrian accidents have occurred in the Southwest part of the city, and LRPD said that there are some reasons why this is.

"The lack of crosswalks, the lack of sidewalks, the speed once you get south of Asher, and if you go through there it's pretty dark," explained Henson.

While LRPD said that they are not investigating any cases where a pedestrian was intentionally hit, they are looking into one incident.

Some people were walking on a sidewalk in the Meadowcliff neighborhood when they got hit by a car. 

Two people were hit and there are serious injuries. Police are still investigating whether charges will be filed.

"We can't say for a fact if the driver purposely hit these two people on the sidewalk," said Henson. "What we did get from that scene is reckless driving is what caused him to go on the sidewalk and then hit these two people."

Little Rock police said that many of the accidents happen when a person tries to cross a street at night.

They advised that one way to stay safe is to find and use a designated crosswalk.

LRPD will focus on areas in the southwest where they are seeing more pedestrian accidents.

In addition to this, they will be increasing visibility to try and deter some of these incidents.

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