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Proposed Arkansas bill could add public service time for speeding tickets

If the Arkansas General Assembly approves the bill, Arkansans will pay more money and time for speeding violations.

ARKANSAS, USA — A proposed bill to the Arkansas General Assembly could create increased fines and public service work as punishment for speeding.

In addition to any other sentence from a traffic violation, the sentencing court would then assess an additional fine of $250 for driving 25 mph over the speed limit, $500 for going 35 mph over, and $1,000 for violations 45 mph over the designated limit.

The fines would be deposited into the Public Health Fund and be used by the Department of Health in the form of grants or contracts.

Along with paying an increased fine, violators will be required to complete public service work. 

A violation of over 25 mph would result in 20 hours of public service work, violations over 35 mph would result in 30 hours and violations over 45 mph would result in 40 hours.

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