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New law would allow speed cameras in Arkansas work zones

A new law would allow Arkansas law enforcement to utilize cameras in highway and interstate work zones to help enforce speed limits.

ARKANSAS, USA — Arkansas law enforcement officers could soon have the ability to utilize cameras as a method to aid in enforcing speed limits along highway and interstate work zones.

The law would allow automated speed enforcement devices to capture images of speeding vehicles in work zones across all Arkansas counties.

As for how the cameras would work? After images are taken, they are then automatically sent to an officer stationed at the end of the work zone. From there, the alerted officer will have the authority to issue a warning or ticket the offender.

In the event that no ticket or warning is issued, the data and images will be automatically deleted. But, it's important to note that an officer must be present for a warning or ticket to be issued.

Arkansas Highway Police and Arkansas State Police will be able to utilize these devices in work zones throughout the state.

When speed cameras are being utilized, drivers will have plenty of warning beforehand in the form of signage. The cameras will only be utilized in active work zones.

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