PERRY COUNTY, Ark — Historic flooding along the Arkansas River claimed yet another major crossing in the State late Tuesday night, according to Arkansas Department of Transportation officials.

At approximately 10:00 p.m. local time, barricades were placed on State Highway 60, just west of the river as floodwaters finally covered the route, making it impassable. The action effectively closes the State Highway 60 Bridge over the Arkansas River at Toad Suck Lock & Dam. Barricades are also on the east side of the bridge.

Located on the Perry and Faulkner County line, the structure carries approximately 6,000 vehicles daily across the river. The nearest available crossing from the impacted area is upstream at nearby Morrilton, where State Highway 9 carries some 8,600 vehicles daily.

Multiple segments of State Highways are closed along the Arkansas River with more expected in the coming days. 

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