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Little Rock expecting thousands to fly over Memorial Day Weekend

Workers at the Clinton National Airport are expecting to see a sky-high number of travelers in Little Rock over Memorial Day Weekend.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — It's shaping up to be a great holiday weekend, and Little Rock travelers at the Clinton National Airport are ready to get away. 

If you asked some earlier though, they'd be surprised at the number of people there.

"So I'm surprised to see it's not as busy," Sunita Jaipersaud, a traveler said. "Usually it's really busy, especially for a long weekend, right?"

Jaipersaud wasn't alone in that expectation either, especially given the fact that it's a holiday weekend.

"I'm surprised that the airport is not actually more packed, since it's the Memorial Day weekend," Ronald Falls said.

If you ask airport spokesperson Shane Carter though, they're banking on the opposite.

"We're looking at about 27,000 people flying out of this airport for the Memorial Day holiday period," Carter said. "That is a big jump over the past two years."

There are good and bad things with this though--more people means more business.

"That's always a good sign, because with the housing prices and everything else going on, I think it's good that people are out moving around and traveling," Ricky Brown said.

This comes along the news that American Airlines is adding a nonstop flight from Little Rock to New York due to increased demand, starting later this year.

On the flip side, prices are also soaring.

"Over $1,000 for the ticket and over $10,000 for the rental," Donna Miller said.

Carter said they're still expecting a return to the skies, even if those prices are rising as fast as the planes outside-- this is making him excited for the summer.

"We want you to get through that security checkpoint, be able to relax at the gate area, perhaps get a bite to eat and have a great trip,"  he said.

Carter said to avoid issues with your flight, aim to arrive at the airport two hours early for morning flights.

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