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How to stay safe while traveling for spring break

Traveling for spring break is top of mind more many people. However, with the recent kidnapping in Mexico, some are hesitating to travel this year.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Traveling is a popular hobby for people during spring break.

"People are tired of the cold weather, they're tired of the rain and they're looking for someplace warm and sunny," Cindy Minor with the Small World Big Fun travel agency said.

But it can also be dangerous.

In light of the recent kidnapping of four Americans in Mexico, Minor said she's been getting a lot of calls from people expressing their concerns to travel.

However, she said that it's ok to feel scared and there are ways to stay safe.

"It does not matter where you're going, we want you to use good judgment," Minor said. "Make good choices and feel like you're safe."

According to Minor, one way to stay safe is by checking the U.S. State Department's website for the latest on travel advisories.

She also recommends people avoid using Uber or cars. Instead, Minor said to verify and reserve a car service for transportation ahead of time.

If you're planning an outing away from your resort, Minor said to book offsite excursions through the resort.

"The internet really has opened up the world for our clients and for people out there to book their own trips," Minor said.

Travel agents are good to have because they can help guide you in a direction that can keep you out of harm's way.

"It is very tempting to get on the internet and find the best deal and just book it yourself," Minor said. "If you get into trouble or if you have some challenges, if things don't go your way or you want them, you're on your own."

Minor also recommend getting travel insurance in case of an emergency.

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