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It's time to start planning for holiday travel, some experts say

Travel experts said you should start planning ahead for holiday travel this year— amid inflation, higher ticket prices could limit passengers this year.

ARKANSAS, USA — As COVID restrictions ease, more people have been getting ready to travel— but inflated ticket prices could limit some passengers this year.

That's why some travel experts have said that you should start planning for the holiday terminals way before you deck the halls.

Heather Taylor is a travel agent with Fun-Loving Travels, already planning client trips for this holiday season, and starting much earlier than normal.

"Very, very, very, very busy.... it really started getting extra busy for me probably about early end of May or early June," Taylor said.

She said that inflation has pushed some customers to plan even further ahead for affordability.

"Be aware that those flight prices could double, triple, or... they could even go down; we never know. So that's just a risk that you take," Taylor added.

Taylor said that some people have even changed their travel plans altogether to match their budget, explaining, "I am seeing more and more people actually wanting to cruise... Kind of get the best bang for the buck."

Or like some travelers at LIT on Tuesday, they work to be the host with the most, instead of footing the bill to fly.

One passenger said, "I don't know how people afford it... My brother who lives in St. Louis, he's coming down here."

And another added, "Travel is difficult and flying is really difficult."

TSA's Arkansas Spokesperson Patricia Mancha shared on Tuesday that while it's too soon to say exactly how many travelers they'll see this year, "Pending any kind of major changes, we are expecting large numbers during thanksgiving during Christmas," she said.

Mancha added that it's never too early for a refresher on travel safety.

"We are seeing, unfortunately, an increase in prohibited items... 'I forgot it was in my bag' is just not a good excuse when it comes to firearms," Mancha said.

So between COVID, crowds, and inflation, travelers are mixed about whether a round trip will be in their future.

But Taylor recommended that if you are planning to cross that jet bridge, "I always, always recommend planning ahead," she said.

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