LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Clinton National Airport will soon begin work on the final phase of a six-year, $90-million improvement project in the terminal.

Burger King opened for business in the concourse on Wednesday, March 6. Chick-fil-A will join next door on Monday, March 11 – capping off a series of upgrades behind the security checkpoint.

“We're excited; there's a lot going on,” Clinton National Airport Executive Director Ronald Mathieu said.

These improvements are part of the airport’s 2020 Vision Plan, which included renovations already completed in the lobby and baggage claim area.

The plan’s final phase involves construction in the pre-security lobby, where work is expected to begin in April.

“The project we're going to do pre-security is about making an economic impact and putting people to work,” Mathieu said. “We're excited about that. The more resources we have, the more gets rolled right back into this community.”

Improvements in the pre-security lobby will include new escalators, new elevators, new finishes and renovation of the Riverbend Restaurant.

“You give the customers what they want and they will patron your service,” Mathieu said.

The work comes as more people are flying out of Little Rock. Clinton National reports 11 consecutive months of passenger increases, including a 12 percent rise in January.

Mathieu said the increased traffic has a positive economic impact on the city and could lead to bigger things ahead at Clinton National.

"A lot of people have had their eye on Little Rock," he said. "We clearly have more passengers. We're clearly growing at the airport, and that's a good thing."

Construction in the pre-security area should last eight to nine months and have minimal impact on passengers, according to Mathieu.

The airport has started work on its next 20-year master plan.