Several roads in south and southeast Arkansas remain closed Saturday, due to high water. Flooding also caused some major issues in Central Arkansas earlier in the week.

Record rainfall on Thursday canceled classes, closed roads, and caused a slew of problems for people in one Saline County neighborhood.

Donnie Drive, near Shamrock Park in Shannon Hills, was closed for much of Thursday as water from nearby Otter Creek flooded the roadway.

“Our roads were closed off on both ends. They had cones up because it was a hazard,” Tina Harris said.

Harris and her family live on Donnie Drive. They woke up on Thursday morning to find their entire yard covered in water.

“We couldn't see our grass,” she said.

Harris said her yard floods almost anytime it rains and that heavy rain can also lead to plumbing problems for her and her neighbors.

As Saturday’s sunshine helped dry her yard out, Harris prepared to clean up the debris and wondered what steps could be taken to prevent future issues.

“You can't help the rain,” she said. “That's Mother Nature. But as far as keeping the culverts cleaned out would help some, and even some drains out here might help. But I don't know how much because when it comes a flood like that, I don't think drains can keep up with all the rain that's coming through.”

Ultimately, she plans to relocate to an area less prone to flooding.

“We've got to find somewhere else to go,” Harris said.

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