The 17-mile Arkansas River Trail is being monitored closely as storm season approaches central Arkansas.

It’s no secret that it’s a beautiful place to spend the up-coming months bike riding and exploring the outdoors.

But, portions of the trail were closed Thursday, March 21 for cleanup. 

With the beauty comes a price, which is tons of maintenance to keep the bike paths safe for you.

"We moved here from Maryland,” said Brie Anwar. “We do a lot more biking now the we are here. It’s one of the perks living in this area.”

It's the Arkansas trail system that caught the Anwar family’s attention. 

"It's so perfect, it's beautiful, you feel free and at peace,” said Anwar. 

Behind the beautiful scenery of the Arkansas River Trail is a team of maintenance crews spending hours every day keeping the paths clean with safety top of mind.

"Our job is to keep this thing as clean as possible,” said Terry Hartwick, North Little Rock Parks and Rec Director. "When you have storms come through, especially these spring storms they are blowing limbs off the trees. "There's nothing more dangerous than if you see a group of bikers come through here and hit a slick spot or a branch." 

During storm season you may see more portions of the trail closed, but the closures are temporary, giving workers enough time to clear and debris from bike paths.

"You can be coming through here and a tree could fall over the trail completely and stop it so we have to monitor it closely,” said Hartwick. 

"I appreciate all the effort that goes into it,” said Anwar. “I think this park is amazing." 

Hartwick said no more closures are expected at this time unless trees or debris are found blocking a path.