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Entergy Arkansas ready for potential icy weather this week

"We are monitoring the weather closely and we're taking this storm very seriously," David Lewis, with Entergy Arkansas, said.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — These frigid temperatures could lead to trouble keeping your lights on, and your heater too. 

That's why electricity companies in our state are on standby if and when they could be needed in the coming days. 

David Lewis, Entergy Arkansas spokesperson, said they're ready for whatever could come this week. 

"We have no idea, of course at this point, what kind of damage, if any, this storm will cause, but we we plan for the worst and hope for the best," he said.

That's the motto for Entergy Arkansas, according to Lewis, in the days leading up to some possible winter weather threats.

"We are monitoring the weather closely and we're taking this storm very seriously," he said.

While every storm is different, Lewis said, their biggest concern is the amount of ice the state could get. 

"Ice forming on powerlines and trees is a huge problem because it multiplies their weight, just drastically," he said.

This is why the electricity company is cautiously ready to go with crews on standby while they double check supplies and change their scheduled maintenance outages, according to Lewis.

"We have canceled those for the week, so we can concentrate entirely on storm breath and storm restoration should it come to that," he said.

While it's hard to know exactly what the conditions will be in your neighborhood, Lewis said there are things you can do to prepare at your home: 

1. Charge your cellphones.

2. Download the Entergy App for updates.

3. Have an emergency kit well-stocked with food, medications and supplies to keep your house warm. 

"It's important just to think ahead, how you're going to deal with the situation if you lose power, especially over an extended period," Lewis said.

Also, according to hardware store owners, it's a good idea to get faucet and foundation covers, as well as some ice melt.

"All the things that you need, that you may not be able to get out and go get, have those on hand and standing by," Lewis said. 

No matter what the winter storm brings, Lewis said Entergy is ready to deal with it.

"We know how to fix it, we've got a plan, we work the plan and we stay with it until every last customer is back on," he said.

Another safety note, if you have a portable generator, Lewis said to make sure to keep it completely outside. 

Running it on, or near, a building can cause a buildup of toxic gases, like carbon monoxide. 

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