LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Can’t get “Roy G. Biv” out of your head? Neither can we!

Here are a few fun rainbow facts to go along with our new favorite song, thanks to meteorologist Mariel Ruiz.

How does a rainbow happen?

Rainbows occur when sunlight is refracted through rain droplets. Sunlight contains all the colors of the visible spectrum, ROY G BIV. Light travels at a certain speed through the air and slows down when it travels through water. Because of the speed change, light leaves water droplets at a different angle than it enters them creating what we call a rainbow!

11 fun facts about rainbows:

  1. Rainbows are full circles, but you only see the top part of the arc.
  2. Rainbows only happen if the sunlight is coming from behind you and it is low in the sky.
  3. Each raindrop creates its own rainbow.
  4. It takes millions of raindrops for us to see a rainbow.
  5. No two people see the exact same rainbow. A person standing next to you sees a rainbow in a slightly different place. The rainbows will look the same, but the person next to you sees light refracting from a different set of raindrops.
  6. Rainbows are most common in the last four hours of sunlight.
  7. A double rainbow happens when sunlight is reflected twice and the second rainbow will have the colors reversed, VIB G YOR.
  8. The word rainbow is Latin for “rainy arch.”
  9. Rainbows can occur in fog, sea spray, mist, waterfalls, and anywhere light meets water in the sky!
  10. The lower the sun is in the sky, the higher the rainbow will look to the observer.
  11. No rainbows in winter? It is possible but less likely. That is because water droplets freeze, so fewer raindrops fall.