LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — The threat of severe weather Friday afternoon has increased slightly, but still remains low in central Arkansas.

A line of scattered storms is expected to sweep through Arkansas starting Friday afternoon and exiting overnight.

Ingredients are in place for wind that could cause spotty damage, quarter sized hail, and a low tornado chance.

While wind may not sound intimidating, gusts upward of 55-60 mph can cause damage to homes. Be on the lookout for trees blowing over, leading to spotty power outages.

The chance for tornadoes is possible with this line of storms. A few tornadoes could spin up in the line of storms and would likely not last long.

Our weather team will be watching for pockets of hail and rotation in the line of storms coming through.   

Make sure you have a way to get warnings while you're out. 

Also remember never to approach a power line that is down, instead report the damage to the power companies.

SEVERE WEATHER ALERT: This afternoon/evening we have a chance to s... ee strong to severe storms. The time frame is two waves around 12-3pm and also a chance this evening. This is NOT a widespread event, but we could see damaging winds, large hail, and heavy brief downpours.

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