Moments. They happen everywhere and at any given time. When THV11 journalists are in the field, they capture moments. THV11 is introducing a new tool, or, moment-capturer: Weather Force 11, powered Mark McLarty Toyota.

Weather Force 11 is an off-road edition Toyota 4Runner, designed to be a mobile information center. It’s equipped with three cameras and the ability to be live anytime, anywhere, and on a host of platforms like TV, YouTube, Facebook Live, or

It’s designed to be a storytelling tool, one that allows THV11 to capture things like road conditions and storm damage. With Arkansas weather changing constantly, Weather Force 11 is designed to help keep you in-the-know. It is also a huge tool the THV11 meteorologists and journalists will use at live events such as high school football games or county fairs.

THV11’s team of meteorologists are known in the community for making appearances at various places like schools and other educational programs to share weather-related information with kids. With Weather Force 11, students will be able to get up close and personal with some of the technology.

If your organization is interested in Weather Force 11 making an appearance, please email for more information.