LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Retro Baby! That’s what we have here with these Christmas decorations.

What an awesome space. This house is contemporary, using grey tones with black accents and silver. Going with that, we decided to do a nice contemporary Christmas.

Let’s start with the Christmas tree. First of all, it’s flocked. And the reason why we used flocked is to soften the space.

Then it also became a great background for all these beautiful bright ornaments. We chose these colors because these are the colors that are in actual artwork though-out the house. So we have some intense blues, aqua greens, orange, and we also have a great fuchsia pink.

What I really love is these oversized glitter snowflakes. If you notice we did something different. We didn’t hang them from the tree. They are so big they would have taken up too much space. Instead we tucked them in the tree, giving it a completely different design element.

Now to tie everything together in this room we have some upstairs balconies that happen to overlook this room, so we did silver garland. Because we didn’t want to be too much of flock, and we did pre-lit so it really shines - L.E.D. Then we did color ornaments on both ends, thus tying everything together.

Now sometimes you can add Christmas elements that are so simple. Just a bowl of assorted ornaments, again with our same color theme, says Merry Christmas.

All in all you put it together and we have one awesome Christmas.