LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- You know I love the smell of pansies.

That reminds me of fall here in the South, and there’s so many different varieties and sometimes it can get a little bit confusing. For example, we have the Pansy. We have the Panola and we have the Viola. It basically comes down to the sizes of the flowers.

The Pansy, like the Majestic, which are my favorite with the dark faces, are the largest of the flowers in the Pansy family.

Then you have the Viola which is like small little flowers, small little Pansies.

Then you have the Panola, which is a Pansy and a Viola coming together. It is a medium sized flower and you’re like, why even do that? Well that’s because when the flowers are a little bit smaller normally there is more of them. The larger the flower the less there are, the smaller the flower the more flowers there are on the actual plant itself.

So when you are designing sometimes I mix them. I will take a large size Pansy, you know maybe blue and then I will take a yellow Viola and I will mix them together. Then I also mix in and plant bulbs with them, like Tulip bulbs. Because you know when you plant Tulips in bulbs you see nothing in the beginning. But when you plant the Pansies you have something right there. Before you know it they peek in between the pansies and they bloom in early springtime.

So whether you use a Pansy, Panola or Viola, just make sure they have good drainage, plenty of sunshine and moist.