LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — The Little Rock School District is working to meet the needs of its students and other kids nearby to allow kids to focus on learning.

The Bright Futures program sets a "call to action" in motion on social media, with quick response from community partners.

The whole idea is for a child or students' needs to be met in 24 hours. By fulfilling a need quickly, the district hopes to help students better focus on education and success.

“Every year students have great needs whether it be a coat, shoes or just something extra. We wanted to be able to fill those needs on the spot,” said Baseline Elementary Academy Principal, Jonathan Crossley.

He and others are working to ensure bright futures for a future generation.

Last year, the LRSD partnered with the city and Goodwill Industries of Arkansas to create an environment where responsibility for student success is shared.

“When students in our district understand deeply that people care about them, the sky is the limit,” Crossley said.

The program works within the district to connect students' needs with resources from the community.

School counselors help determine who could benefit from program assistance and a call to action from the community is posted on Facebook.

"Within 24 hours we fill that need, the student gets whatever request is,” he said.

Churches, businesses, and private donors help make contributions possible.

“The Excel Program in LRSD has a construction component and we had students who needed work boots to fill that potion of the program. A generous donor gave money that allowed students to get work boots and learn that craft,” Crossley said.

By engaging the community and encouraging everyone to be invested, the program hopes students are more likely to stay in school through graduation.

“When tragedy strikes or something dire happens, this is a way for us to fill those needs for families and students. When a fire happens, that emergency doesn't have to cripple the family unit,” Crossley said.

You can find new needs posted on the Bright Futures Little Rock Facebook page every few days.