LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (LR Family) - Well, 'tis the season for colder temps and the sound of your little ones coughing.  You may be wondering if that cough requires a trip to the doctor or an over the counter cure. 

Little Rock Family editor Heather Bennett came to THV11 to share some tips for decoding your child's sickly symptoms.

1.  Croup - shrill, seal-like bark, usually during the night (Do breathing steamy bathroom/open freezer. Call doctor if 3 months old or younger.)

2.  Common Cold - wet or dry, hacking without wheezing (Over the counter meds)

3.  Gerd (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) - wheezy, crackly cough after eating (Doctor)

4.  Whooping Cough - dry, hacking fits with as many as 25 coughs in a single breath (Doctor)

5.  Flu - mildly hoarse, throaty cough, either wet or dry (Doctor)

6.  Asthma - persistent, whistling or wheezy, longer than 10 days (Doctor)

7. Bronchiolitis/RSV- phlegmy, wheezy cough, difficulty breathing (Doctor) 

For more information, watch the interview attached to this story.