More than 80 years after it was first published, Murder on the Orient Express is back - on the big screen.

Shot primarily on studio lots and sound stages outside London, the luxurious train and snowy terrain were meticulously re-created and a cast of A-listers breathed new life into the characters. The cast is lead by Kenneth Branagh, who's both Detective Poirot and the film's director.

“One of the things I've learned over the years as a director is to say less and less and less,” he said. “You get the high quality people and see what they bring."

Some brought the experience of winning Oscars and being recognized by the Queen of England, like Dame Judi Dench and Sir Derek Jacobi.

"I've known Ken since he was a teenager and we've been friends ever since,” Jacobi said. “He's luckily employed me a lot in all his movies!"

There's also a slew of younger actors - Daisy Ridley of Star Wars, Leslie Odom Junior of Hamilton, and Josh Gad, who never tired of making them laugh off-camera.

"I'd be in the makeup chair, eyes closed, just getting things done, and I'd hear the opening of Hamilton,” Odom said.

Gad laughed, adding, “I always put it on the second I walked in the trailer just to get a rise out of him.”

Ridley added, “Occasionally I would be thinking, ‘When are they going to call ‘cut’ so I can laugh? I've been containing it for 20 seconds.”

Michelle Pfeiffer also stars in a role that required her to look seductive while maneuvering on the moving sets.

“It wasn't easy, in heels and a long gown and you can't really look down to see.” She said. “In real life, you'd pull your dress up and watch where you're going. I think I probably bumped into the walls a few times.”

Murder on the Orient Express is rated PG-13 and opens in theaters November 10.