The greatest part of an escape room is solving the final puzzle and actually winning the game. If that's the barometer on which we rate Escape Room then it fails.

Although the film has flashes of creativity in its design, it fails far more than it succeeds.

The film takes place in, you guessed it, an escape room, but the designer has brought together several strangers and the goal is to kill all but one. The strangers are connected by their past but none of them know it until it is too late.

The plot, characters and most of the movie is more of the same PG-13 horror tropes you've seen in countless other films. And that makes for a rough ride through horribly delivered exposition and half-baked world building.

While each room provides its own unique and interesting puzzle, the cool concepts can't save the film from its faults.

And boy oh boy, the sequel setup at the end of the film is not only long, but it is both hokey and malevolent. It tries its best to be Final Destination and Saw, but falls short and fails to solve the puzzle.