LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Discover Arkansas traveled to a place well known by some and possibly foreign to others in Little Rock. 

During hot and summer months, people look for ways to escape the heat. Adam Bledsoe was joined by his son, Hunter at the Arkansas Skatium to slip and slide on the ice and the roller skating rink.

Not many people have had the opportunity to ride on a Zamboni which is an ice resurface vehicle. Adam will never be able to say he's never ridden on one after his recent trip. After several laps around the ice rink, Adam and Hunter laced up the ice skates to give it their best.

Ice hockey, ice skating lessons, and birthday parties are some of the many activities that is offered at the Arkansas Skatium.

After slipping and sliding, the duo took to the roller skating rink. Adam recalls roller skating in the early 90's, and certainly brought back some great memories. Hunter bit the dust a lot on the roller skates, but he had a wonderful time moving and grooving to the music. 

Speaking of music, Adam stepped in the DJ booth to engage the skaters to have the best day of their lives. The Skatium was a walk down memory lane for Adam, and new memories were created for Hunter!