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Ashley King in quarantine after husband tests positive for COVID-19

Although Ashley and her daughters tested negative for the virus, they're quarantining at home in separate bedrooms due to exposure.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — COVID-19 has become more of a reality now that there is a positive case in my family. 

For months and months, we went without knowing anyone in our close circle affected. Now, it truly hits home. My husband is a school teacher, so it felt inevitable that he’d contract the virus at some point.

It started as typical fall allergy-like symptoms. He had a headache, sinus issues, and a mild cough. 

When he started to run a fever and experience body-aches, we knew it was more than allergies and he should be tested for COVID-19.

Just a warning for those in the same boat as us: The allergy-like symptoms that my husband experienced for two days before he started running a fever seemed to make the virus complicated to catch. These are common symptoms for many in the fall. 

Many people will go on with their daily routine before realizing that it’s more than just seasonal allergies, thus possibly putting more people at risk for exposure. Luckily for those around us, we are sticklers for the rules.

After four to five days of symptoms, my husband is feeling better. 

For us, the worst part is the quarantine portion. We have two daughters at home that are both very active in school activities. Because they have been in direct contact with a positive case, they are staying away from school, their volleyball teams, and anyone else outside of this house.

In fact, we are all keeping our distance from each other within our own home, too, with each of us quarantined in separate rooms. 

When it’s necessary for us to leave our rooms, we wear our mask around the house. My husband never leaves his quarantine spot in the upstairs bonus room. We bring him meals and anything else necessary to survive our 14 days apart.

Our family thought the weeks of staying home beginning in March were tough, but this has proved to be more of a challenge. 

It’s one thing to isolate at home while going for walks, playing board games, and cuddling up on the couch together for movie nights, but it’s totally different when you keep your distance from each other. 

We take the virus very seriously and try to follow all guidelines, yet, still contracted COVID-19. 

Remember, wearing a mask only really works if everyone wears their mask. Let’s all do our part. I’ve probably said this multiple times every day since March, but I’ll say it again…. “I hate COVID-19!”

Stay healthy and we’ll get through this together!