LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Do you love the farmhouse style but don't want to pay the hundreds of dollars it costs to get an authentic-looking table? Mariel Ruiz and her husband Joe were inspired by this DIY post and decided to create one on their own. And it's not as hard as it sounds, we promise!

Here's what you need from your favorite home improvement store: 

-One 4"x4" x 10ft
-Three 1”x4” x 10ft
-Two 1”x10” x 8 ft
-One 1”x10 x 10ft
-Two 2”x3” x 8 ft
-Finishing nails (2”)
-Wood screws (2” and 5”)
-Stain in your favorite color (Mariel recommends Minwax Wood Finish in “Honey”)
-Fast-drying Polyurethane Clear Gloss
-Wood glue
-Measuring tape
-Sandpaper (Mariel recommends using an electric sander to save time)

Cut the lumber into the follow sizes: 

-four pieces 29 ½” long

-two pieces 60” long
-five pieces 33 ½” long

-four pieces 53 ½” long
-two pieces 37” long

-two pieces 33 ½” long
-two pieces 26 ½” long
-one piece 63 ½” long


Frame: Once everything is cut, now it's time to put the frame together using the 7 pieces created from the 1"x4"s. The 60" long pieces make up the length with the 33 1/2" long pieces used for the sides and the middle to add support. Attach all the pieces at the connections using first glue then two nails. Mariel's tip: Make sure to measure and measure again as you attach the pieces so everything is the same width. 

Table Top: Using the 6 pieces created from the 1"x10"s, glue and nail each piece to create the top. Start with the outside pieces and include a 1-inch overhang on each side. Optional: You can use wood filler to cover any large gaps. 

Legs: Add the 4 legs using the 4"x4"s. Again, glue first then nails.

Foot Support: There should be three boards left at this point. These should be arrange into an "I" shape then attached to the bottom of the table. This will provide you a place to put your feet when sitting at the table. And Mariel thinks it looks better!

Staining: Before staining you'll want to use a sander and sandpaper on the entire piece to make sure its nice and smooth. Mariel's fun tip: Use an old rag to apply the stain and go with the grain!

You may need to apply several coats of stain to get the color you want. Mariel only used on coat to create this particular project. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before applying a coat of Polyurethane sealer. To make the table even more protected against nicks and spills, you may want to wait a few hours and apply several coats of sealer. 

Make sure to check out the video for more!