LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - "New year, new me." It's all over your Facebook feed and everywhere else.

One place that is taking a new approach to fitness for the "new year, new me" is Zen Studio.

Zen Studio has four locations in Arkansas - one in Jonesboro, Fayetteville, a location in the Heights and another in Chenal. According to their website, they offer a variety of classes that will "ensure you avoid fitness plateaus and boredom" such as indoor cycling, barre and yoga.

Their newest workout program is Studio Bounce, a low-impact workout that utilizes miniature trampolines.

"The cardio you get from it is very similar to running, but with running it sometimes hurts your joints. You don't get any of that with Bounce," said Ashley Mann, an instructor at Zen Studio. "It's very low-impact and high calorie burn."

While it's naturally a great lower-body and core workout, Zen Studio has incorporated some moves to develop your upper-body, too.

"We may do an up-down plank. Your surface isn't stable so you're having to fire off a lot more of those small muscles," said Mann.

The classes are between 45-50 minutes with an average calorie burn of approximately 400-800.

During the month of February, the studio is hosting a contest called 28 To Great which encourages participates to take 20 classes in 20 days. Just for the challenge, they are releasing a new membership package: one month of unlimited classes with a prize at the end for everyone who completes the contest.

For more information, visit the Zen Studio website.