LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- You know what’s better than having one fireplace outside? Having two!

That’s right, this house has two fireplaces! When Chris Olsen designed it he did one fireplace facing the other direction, and then of course there really is only one chimney, and the same fireplace actually faces this opposite direction.

You notice he used iron doors and the reason for that is sometimes since they are on a mountaintop they can get a draft and wind which can blow out the flames. You sometimes have to close one side to enjoy it on the other side and get the heat from it. You’ve got to be aware of that.

What’s great about this is he loves the chimney. He’s all about if you are going to build an outside fireplace, go grand! Go tall with the chimney! He did antique terra cotta toppers, which even make it better yet. He found those at a flea market in Memphis.

Now he did an open patio outside here so they can enjoy the view of the mountains which are in front and the other side is a covered area. They can have a TV and they can watch their football games. It’s a more quaint space, it’s like an inside outside room.

And we have a water feature, beautiful Japanese Maples and large pots and of course a great sectional sitting area. One it’s great because you can fit a lot of people on it, but you can also lay down and take a nap. It’s all about comfy cushions. We have two rooms outside, one chimney.