While celebrating our nation's independence this Thursday, whether watching or lighting fireworks yourself (in approved areas), you might want to think about your pets.

Veterinarians say that fireworks have the ability to cause a significant amount of harm to your four-legged friends— but not necessarily physically.

Sherri Andrews with Arkansas Veterinarian Emergency Specialists said a lot of cases they see with pets and fireworks are caused by mental anguish because of the anxiety from fireworks.

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"If an animal is scared, that's not a comfortable feeling. And so, I feel like even if it's just that your animal is frightened and scared, that's something to be concerned about," Dr. Andrews said.

If you see signs of trauma in your pet, call your veterinarian as soon as you can and bring them inside if they aren't already with a human companion.

Signs of trauma-induced from fireworks could be hiding, shaking and unusual vocalizations among other symptoms.

In the meantime, if you think your pet will be afraid of fireworks, try and make sure they get plenty of exercises earlier in the day.