LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - As Arkansans look for new ways to get healthy, businesses are finding creative ways to help them.

Nutritional Health Coach, Amy Connor, knows how to put your health on the right track and she's making it easy by meeting you where people make those decisions, walking you through the grocery store, Natural Grocers.

“If a customer comes in and wants to know what vitamin D3 does, we have a customer literature file and we can give them the information to tell them what exactly vitamin D is and does,” she said.

The store also offers free health classes just about every week, like foods for fitness, how to maintain muscle mass, cooking classes and classes teaching which foods you should eat for different lifestyles.

Elene Murray is a regular shopper at Natural Grocers and she said she feels like she has her own personal shopper helping her pick out specific foods tailored to her diet.

“I have a very specific diet and I can always depend on Amy to point me in the right direction,” she said.

If you have an ache or pain, Connor said there's a vitamin or mineral to help with that, versus going straight to prescription or over the counter drugs.

“Magnesium relaxes your muscles so if you're muscles are sore or after a workout, you can use this magnesium body butter lotion,” she said.

instead of caffeine, they encourage different energy foods like almond butter coconut stuffed dates.

Connor said their goal is to provide the community with nutrition education.

“It’s important for people to empower themselves and take control of their health,” she said.

Aug. 16 is Natural Grocers 63rd anniversary, so they'll be celebrating all day with giveaways, bands and they're also pairing with different health and wellness business in Little Rock.