LITTLE ROCK, Ark — The unofficial start to summer is this weekend, but before we head out to the lake or the pool, there's still some spring cleaning that needs to be done. To your yard, your deck and maybe your driveway, too.

Here's an idea to cut down dramatically on the clean-up time.

They make an attachment for your standard power washer that is called a surface cleaner. It's a big disc that cleans evenly and quickly. Rob used it on my driveway, then loved it so much I used it on the sidewalk, too. I let my co-worker, Zach, use it. He used it on his deck, and it's safe to say he liked it, since he bought one for himself.

After that's clean, and if you haven't cleaned up the leaves yet, now's a good time. Just make sure to follow your city's rules for collection. For some, like Little Rock, they have to be in bags, no more than a certain size or weight. 

You can check the city's website for details here. 

Some good news, Little Rock has started picking up yard waste again, you can find the date they come to your house on the website as well.

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