LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- You know so many of us love our neighbors, but that does not mean we always want to see our neighbors.

We are about privacy. There are so many different types of plants and evergreens you can use for privacy. One of Chris’s favorites that he uses all the time in his designs is called Green Giant Arborvitae.

The reason why he likes this plant is it gets about six foot wide, can grow up to fifty to sixty foot tall, and you can easily cut off the tops of the tree to keep it contained to any size that you want. So if you happen to have wires like this house does, you keep them below the wires.

What he also loves about this plant is it’s nice and soft. So it’s not too harsh like a Holly. It blows in the wind and that type of thing, and it’s a fast grower. Believe it or not, it grows three feet a year. So if you need instant privacy, Green Giant Arborvitae.

But some of us also like contemporary looking plants, so Chris also chooses to use the Cryptomeria. Cryptomeria comes in all different shapes and forms but this one is the Gigantica which can grow quite large. The foliage is beautiful and looks different than a Juniper and doesn’t have a Holly leaf, it’s about texture and dark green color.

Chris likes to combine his plant materials, meaning he plants in groupings. He’ll do three of one type of evergreen, three of another, so it does not look like a continuous hedge. Done in a diagonal zig-zag pattern it looks more natural.

Looking for privacy? It’s all about Evergreens. Love your neighbors but you don’t have to see them.