LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- You know so many of us in our backyards have what we call wasted spaces.

Maybe it’s a far off corner or a dark shady area and we don’t even notice it anymore. It can be great opportunities because think about it, you can make a room in that location. And that is exactly what this homeowner did here at this yard.

First of all they had a lot of trees and they also had a hillside. So they took advantage of that decline. That’s what’s great, they built a water feature. Now Chris is telling you this is one awesome water feature because there is ten different levels or ponds. Some of them are small little puddles and some of them become bigger ponds which are full of Goldfish.

For the most part its low maintenance because it naturalizes. So with one pump or two pumps, depending upon the size of the pump, it pushes water all the way up to the top level and it flows down. What is great about this is after time it will look so natural because he used natural rock.

Now we have moss, we have hostas and we have water plants actually growing in these waterways. We have of course fish. We have the trickle sound of water, it’s not a raging waterfall, plus it also helps with their drainage problems.

But what Chris also loves is this deck. If you take a close look it’s been cut like a stone shape, very natural, also in a couple of levels as well. So now, what was a wasted space has become the main focal point and destination in their backyard.