LITTLE ROCK, Ark — We are all practicing social distancing right now and while we know it's important, it can get a little lonely.

People of all ages are getting creative though, and staying connected thanks to apps.

From virtual happy hours to music lessons, people around the world are turning to apps to connect as the world social distances due to the coronavirus.

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“We are all so bored!” said Maruka Reecer.

Little Rock resident, Maruka Reecer, hosts a nightly happy hour on Houseparty, a free video-chatting app popular with Gen Z.

“There are a couple of different games you can play. There is like a heads-up game and there are different trivia options as well. I lost every single one, but it is what it is,” said Reecer.

Communication tools like Zoom have seen a spike in downloads. The app is great for work conferences and webinars, but some people like Sue Weinstein are using them to keep in touch with family.

“I have a relatively new grandbaby and since they live, that son and his wife, live in the D.C. area I don’t get to see him,” said Weinstein. “Sometimes he can be cranky or he can be hungry, but overall we get to see him as he really is.”

Singing lessons must go on, too.

Hannah Dunlap is staying in touch her students from Jettway Performance Studio in Little Rock via Skype and Facetime.

Zac and Hannah Dunlap are staying in touch their students from Jettway Performance Studio in Little Rock via Skype and Facetime.

“I think if anything, you know, it’s been pretty neat its keeping some normalcy in their lives,” said Zac Dunlap. “School is out and they are stuck at home for the most part so to get to do music every day in their home for thirty minutes is helping them keep a little bit of normalcy.”

Both the Houseparty app and Zoom are available for both phones and desktops. Houseparty is currently listed as the #1 social networking app in the iTunes app store.

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