NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — A national security trend is catching on with police departments and cities across the country and tonight, that includes North Little Rock.

Car and house break-ins can happen anywhere, North Little Rock resident, Austin Spurgeon, can speak to that.

“There was an individual that was going around the neighborhood and trying to get into people’s doors to see if they were unlocked they were going in them."

Spurgeon said he takes his safety seriously.

“I definitely turn on both of my porch lights the form one and the back one and I 've got a side door and a front door and I make sure all my windows are locked and my car doors,” he said.

If you can't remember to lock up your house or lock your car door, the North Little Rock Police Department is here to help you with a new initiative called hashtag 9 p.m. routine.

Public Information Officer for the North Little Rock police department, Carmen Helton, said they’re sending out their first 9 p.m. security tweet Thursday night.

“A little bit before 9 p.m. we will be sending out reminders on our social media pages. It's like a security check, we will be reminding people to close their garages, put their car windows up, lock their car doors, and take all the valuables out,” she said.

It's a national trend catching on in several states like; Texas, Minnesota, California, Alabama, Massachusetts and Kansas.

The North Little Rock Police Department hopes this trend becomes a nightly routine for their community members.

“Please share our 9 p.m. routine on social media to other people and let us know by liking, retweeting, or something, that you're on board and doing this,’ she said.