LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Several police departments in central Arkansas are reporting that guns, tasers, vests and equipment were stolen from patrol cars in a series of break-ins. Though some of the items have been retrieved, police are considering the possibility that these cases may be connected.

Arkansas State Police

Arkansas State Police is reporting at least two of their patrol cars were broken into within the same time frame. The first incident happened between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. Sept. 27 or 28. It occurred at an officer's home off Willow Street in North Little Rock. Several pieces of police equipment were stolen, including:

  • A police taser
  • A police vest with ASP badge
  • A Bushmaster Rifle
  • A plate carrier
  • A disk with four videos

Early Sept. 28, another Arkansas State Police patrol car was broken into in North Little Rock. According to the reports, nothing was stolen from the car. However, police believe the shotgun and AR-15 rifle, which were visible, are likely what the suspect intended to steal. The officer did see the suspect and said he looked like a tall male with a medium build and a short afro.

Despite their efforts, officers were unable to obtain fingerprints from the car because of the condensation.

Sherwood Police Dept.

A Sherwood Police Department patrol car was also broken into just days after the incidents in North Little Rock. On Oct. 1, officers responded to a parking lot off of East Kiehl Avenue, where a vehicle was unlawfully entered and police equipment was stolen. According to the report, a Bushmaster rifle, magazine and ammunition were stolen from the car.

Police did obtain DNA swabs and prints from the patrol car and items within it.

Little Rock Police Dept.

Later that same day, Oct. 1, the Little Rock Police Department reported that three vehicles, including a Pulaski County Sheriff's Office patrol car, were broken into. Several items, including both police and civilian weapons, were stolen.

  • A Bushmaster rifle
  • An ARMTAC suppressor
  • A bag containing SWAT gear (gas mask, rain gear, thermal gear, knee pads, gloves, shoes, eyewear, vests)
  • A black Ruger
  • Golf clubs
  • Various hand tools

The first vehicle, the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office patrol car, was broken into on Simmons Street. The deputy told officers that the stolen items were left in his trunk. The rear hatch window was broken into, which is how the suspect(s) were able to get into the car.

The swat bag, vest and some of the police gear have since been recovered.

The second car was broken into off of Cantrell Road, and the victim's Ruger, golf clubs and tools were stolen. Officers were able to get prints from the vehicle's doors.

The third vehicle was broken into off of Conrad Road. Nothing seemed to be missing, but officers were able to get fingerprints.

According to the police report, the several breaking and entering cases seem to be connected.