LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The Craig O’Neill Reading Roadtrip returned to Lawson Elementary. Third graders heard the first chapter of the “Lemonade War.”

It’s the story of a fourth grader who is suddenly confronted by jealousy and sublimated anger.

In the wake of Parkland Florida, the reading roadtrip takes on special significance. Often times stories in books can bring to light emotions that remain hidden in a school. A child too embarrassed or scared or reserved to bring out feelings can often time be reached by what happens in a book.

Yes, the goal here is to get more Arkansas children up to grade level reading but there’s an emotional aspect to this too. Principal Matt Meilor told us that schools look for innovative ways to engineer moments when a child can be reached and better understood.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to put young readers on T.V., because who knows how far a smile can take a child. Sometimes it can change a life.