The Affordable Care Act is still the law and consumers can shop the Marketplace in the upcoming Open Enrollment period to select 2018 coverage.

Here are 5 thing you need to know:

  1. Open enrollment 5 will happen from Nov. 1st – December 15th. Consumers need to be aware of the shortened enrollment period. People should act now to schedule an appointment with an in-person assister to find out their options. Folks can visit, or call (855) 733-3711 to schedule a free appointment with a certified in-person assister, who can offer quality, unbiased help.
  2. Financial assistance is available! There is a lot of confusion around this we know, but we want people to know that the financial assistance that is available to consumers has not changed. Help to pay your premiums and out of pocket costs are still available. In fact, 9 in 10 North Carolinians who picked a plan in the last open enrollment cycle received financial help to assist with the cost of coverage
  3. These plans cover everything folks need. The plans cover ten essential health benefits (It’s a good idea to list 3-4 of these while discussing -Doctors’ visits, emergency room visits, hospital stays, maternity care, mental health care, prescription drug coverage, rehabilitative services, lab work, preventative care, pediatric care)
  4. All consumers (new and renewals) should come back to an assister, or visit to Marketplace, in the open enrollment period. New plans and prices are available, so it’s possible that folks could find a plan that better fits their needs and their budget.
  5. Free in-person assistance is available! Folks can find help from a certified assister in their area. Simply visit, or call (855) 733-3711