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Towing company offering free, sober rides home on New Year's Eve

JHook estimates that over the last 10 years they've given rides to about 500 hundred people. Viewing records not just as lifts home, but "a lot of lives saved."

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — This Friday, people all over the world will count down and pop champagne to ring in the new year.

But as people go out, they might not be thinking through their after party plans, like how to get home safely.

That's where JHook Towing and Recovery Services come in.

"There's no sense in getting out and getting drunk when you can't make it home," Vice President Tim Moody said.

So if you find yourself with no way home, instead of getting behind the wheel after drinking, Moody wants you to call him this New Year's Eve.

"If you happen to get out, and you get to drinking and you feel like you're unsafe, call us, we're going to tow you and your car home at no cost," he said.

This will be the 10th New Year's Eve that JHook Towing has offered these free rides and tows. All in an effort to help keep drunk drivers off the road and back home safely.

Moody estimates that over the last 10 years, he's given rides to about four or five hundred people. Viewing the records not just as rides home, but "a lot of lives saved."

And his why -- the reason Moody is so passionate about safe driving, is because it affects him and his business personally.

"Our guys are out working the streets at night, trying to do a job. And then somebody comes along texting or drinking and driving... We've lost a lot [of people]," he said.

This comes as drunk driving claims thousands of lives every year. State troopers told THV11 last week that this danger is especially seen over the holidays.

"There's also a lot of holiday parties and things like that, so there are more drunk drivers on the roads, so there will be a focus on enforcing DWI laws," Arkansas State Police Trooper Austin Kennedy said.

As driving under the influence causes both safety and legal issues.

"It's not worth the penalties you'd have to pay or lose your license or possibly kill somebody," Moody said.

So before you or someone else fumbles for their keys after maybe one too many, Moody says to have a plan. If you don't, you can always call him.

"I've got plenty of trucks running... We got room for everybody," he said.