Students in Arkansas will get a break from the classroom next week. What do you and your family have planned?

There are lots of fun activities happening right here in Central Arkansas for anyone not traveling with their kids.

The Museum of Discovery, Arkansas Arts Museum and plenty of other places have your family covered for the perfect spring break staycation.

“It's a busy week here because some of the surrounding states are having their spring break. People are visiting Little Rock and making the Museum of Discovery one of their stops, which we're really excited about,” said Chief Marketing Officer Kendall Thornton.

If your family is staying put this Spring Break, don't fret! Find adventure at many places in Arkansas.

“From toddlers to grandparents, you're going to have a great time at the Museum of Discovery because we want everyone to have a great time as a family then take what they've learned and apply that at home,” Thornton added.

Whether you only have a few days open to spend with the kids or have an entire week of activities to plan, the museum caters to people of all ages.

“We've got a large animal collection, so you'll also be able to meet some of our live animals,” said Thornton.

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday, kids can meet and greet Buddy the Dinosaur. Tuesday's special guest is Super Why and Wonder Red. Both events will allows children to take photographs.

The museum also just reopened its six and under space called “Room to Grow.”

If you’ve got energy left, take your kids to the Arkansas Arts Museum. They’re featuring an all-time favorite children's book character, Junie B. Jones.

“Next week we have an entire week of matinee shows during Spring Break, 2 p.m. Tuesday until Friday,” said an actress playing Junie B. Jones.

Junie B. Jones is already popular in the state, with sold out shows and field trips scheduled back to back.

After the play is over, take a tour of the museum for free.

"Junie B. Jones has an entire book series. What we're doing with this show is an adaptation to Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook, in the story she loses her mittens but thinks someone stole them,” Junie B. Jones said.

Other activities include Spring Break at the Zoo starting Friday.

You can also visit the Stephens Central Arkansas Nature Center downtown, they'll have a different theme every day complete with events. Find the full schedule by clicking here.