The City of Little Rock is searching for artists in the community to design an indoor mural at the Wakefield Neighborhood Resource Center.

If you love to sketch or paint and have a message that could bring the community together in a positive way, get ready to submit.

The theme of this indoor mural was created to build community pride in Little Rock. The city also hopes to offer artists in the area an opportunity to express themselves creatively.

“We want to engage in an activity that will really bring the community together and shape how the center will be used,” said Maricelle Garcia, who works at the center.

She and the city are calling on residents for involvement and inspiration.

"The mural idea came about because we want to make sure the community had a part in the space we're using,” Garcia said.

The wall is blank now but not for long. The center is looking for an original design to display.

“This is a resource center, its available to anyone in the community. We really want this mural to be a part of that and bring everyone together. We want to use this space in the way it's meant to be used. We hope that it'll be accessible to everybody, but also represent the diversity of the residents in the city,” she said.

Wakefield is redeveloping a room in its building for a long-awaited identification card project that’s been in the works since about 2015.

Anyone at least 18 years of age can submit their art work for consideration.

The city is also providing a stipend up to $250 for supplies.

“The theme for mural is community unity and diversity, we want to share the experience of little rock and those three characteristics express what we're trying to do here,” said Garcia.

The mural is expected to be 10 feet tall and 23 feet, 10 inches wide, and will start 4 inches from the floor. A mural committee will select the concept that moves forward for the project and recognized at a Board Meeting.

Submissions are due by April 27 at 5pm and the winner will be announced on May 1.

Each submission must include contact information and a brief biography of the artist or artists, a color sketch of the proposed artwork to scale, and a short description of the concept behind the mural.

Complete applications may be submitted via email to