LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - It is never too late for someone to join a family.

Though most people think of babies when they think about adoption, there are hundreds of teenagers who wait for a family.

A lot of them, like 15-year old Lathanual, who have been in foster care a considerable length of time and have faced great loss. So, we’re sharing the story of this boy who needs a place to call home.

"First, I wanna try the Arkansas mud, it's actually pretty good I think I might get that," he said. The THV11 team took him to Loblolly. Outside in the beautiful sunshine, eating ice cream which turned into a sidewalk stroll and a talk about Lathanual’s passion Because ice cream wasn’t part of the original plan.

[Meredith Benton Photography]

"Steph Curry KD, Lebron, Kyrie," said Lathanual. “I'm 15, I love to play basketball, my favorite color is blue." We were supposed to be playing basketball for this shoot, but he had a broken finger and was wearing a splint. "When this finger heals, and I get this thing off I will be back on the court a lot more," he said.

We also noticed him wearing a bracelet, it says keep a clear mind.

"Don't have a negative mind, have a positive mind and think about positive stuff throughout the future," said Lathanual.

There's plenty he could be negative about, after five years as a foster child. But he's ready now to look ahead and ready to embrace the idea of what family means. "That you have someone keeping a roof over your head, putting clothes on your back, feeding you, bathing you, keeping a close eye on you, that's what it means to me," he added. "I'm a Christian, I'd love to be baptized and I'd love to go to church.”

Lathanual is a positive person and a really good kid.

Thanks to Loblolly for the scoops of ice cream! Lathanual also shared he loves pizza and salad and his favorite school subjects are PE and Biology.

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