National Adoption Month is coming to a close This month, we've highlighted foster families who step in when children come into care.

One 13-year-old girl has spent nearly half her life in foster care. 

When we met her last week, she said some things we won't forget - and we hope you won't either. 

Wherever there is art, Trinity is right at home.

So when Arkansas artist Catherine Rodgers opened her studio to Trinity, it made for the perfect day. They spent that day making crystals out of resin.

"You have to pour it in a crystal thing and you have to measure it just in case," Trinity explains. "Then you put color in there and stir it up, put more resin in there, put a different color in there, and fill it all the way up."

Trinity is not shy. She's open about her life in foster care, but she wants to make one thing crystal clear.

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"If I had a choice of a million dollars and a family I'd pick a family because a family's really like a million dollars," Trinity said. 

Trinity also loves to sing. She's a happy child and wants the family who chooses her to know something. 

"That I'm lovable, I love art and I'm just creative," Trinity said. "I wanna be a singer when I grow up, and an artist."  

She also shares why and how it is she remains so positive, despite a tough past and a childhood in foster care.

"I just tell myself I'm gonna get a family. Don't worry, I'm gonna get a family, and I always do that pep talk every morning," Trinity said.

"Anybody that comes in here and sings to me you have my heart," Rodgers said. 

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Trinity stole Catherine Rodgers heart this day.

Now she hopes the same will happen with a family who will adopt her and keep her forever. 

"I don't really care, it just has to be a loving family and no abuse. That's all I really care about," Trinity said.  

Thank you to Catherine Rodgers for working with Trinity on her special creation.

You do have to apply to be a foster or adoptive family. Let us point out, there are no costs associated with adopting a child in state foster care.