LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The schools are closed and that means no Reading Road Trip for THV11’s Craig O’Neill. But, that doesn't mean kids are without stories.

Now showing: The Virtual Reading Road Trip

Until further notice, we’ll start reading to kids on a daily basis to keep young imaginations working and to just simply have fun reading books with stories.

We all may be shut in, but our minds don’t have to be.


Enjoy book one, perfect for Kindergarten through 2nd grade: The Book Gluck

Gluck happens when you combine "good with luck"... you get “gluck.” We’d like to think that happens with the Virtual Reading Road Trip.

You can watch the virtual reading below:

Book two is What Kind of Car Does a T Rex Drive, a book written by Mark Lee and the illustrator is Arkansas native Brian Biggs.

This is the story of a man who sells cars but he’s not selling many.

Then, he gets a big surprise!

You can watch the virtual reading below:

Book three is Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes and follows the lovable cat as he heads back to school in his rocking new school shoes.

Book four is the story of Motor Mouse and his good friend who always has cake on Fridays, but then something happens.

Book five is about how to handle a big hungry bear!

Okay, here's what happened according to Craig. He encountered a mouse going after a strawberry and that is how all these problems started. These were problems that were scary!

Find out what happens next with:

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