LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Friday, September 20, members of the Arkansas Legislative Council chose to vote down two proposals to study gun safety practices in Arkansas.

One study proposal sought to study the concept of background checks to purchase firearms from a third party; the other to study best practices for restraint holsters for people lawfully carrying a concealed handgun.

Democratic State Rep. Denise Garner put forward the ISP's: 

"I think all of us are asking questions about what we as a society need to do to tackle the problem of mass shootings and gun-related violence in our country. For a handful of state legislators to deny Arkansans the ability to even simply study the issue is unacceptable."

Arkansas Sen. Bob Ballinger (R) tweeted about the vote:

"Where do Arkansans stand on the #2A? Your answer was provided today by #ARLeg. We killed a couple #AntiGun bills even before they got started. The Dems also know where the people of Arkansas stand. They avoided a roll call vote to keep their #AntiGun positions off the record." 

The ALC voted down the proposals on voice votes.

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