LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — United States Representative French Hill appeared on our morning show and commended Democratic primary voters for giving Joe Biden a resounding win during Super Tuesday.

"Democratic voters came to their senses and turned away from the far left-socialism," he said in an interview, referencing the previous front-runner Senator Bernie Sanders, whose policies have been criticized as socialist.

Hill said that by voting for the former vice president, they were moving toward the center "which is better for our country overall."

State Senator Joyce Elliott, who is the Democratic candidate running against Hill for his congressional seat in November, spoke about the importance of making your voice heard.

"It's exciting because for so long we've been wanting people to get up and take part in the process and yesterday, they did," Sen. Elliot said.

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Both Hill and Elliott agree that the economy is working, but differ on how they define what that means for Arkansans.

Hill mentioned that the booming economy and "more people being satisfied with their economic conditions," is great, and immigration and healthcare should be the next focus.

Elliott made it clear that the economy may be doing well for some, but not for other people. She said one of her priorities will be on making sure everyone has a "fair shot at economic success."

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