LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — July 1 marked National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day.

The Vine's Laura Monteverdi and Adam Bledsoe celebrated with a few unique flavors from Loblolly Creamery. We tried everything from Cereal Milk to Key Lime! 

If you're feeling bold, check out Sucker Punch Sherbet. It's a sour lemon flavor that has been bravely sprinkled with Pop Rock candy. 

Not sure what flavor you want to try? Loblolly will let you create a flight of ice cream that includes eight different flavors. Click here for the menu. 

Loblolly Creamery is located in the charming SoMa District of Little Rock at 1423 S. Main St. 

Think it's too late to celebrate this holiday? Wait until July 21 to celebrate National Loblolly Day. Find out more on the creamery's Facebook page. 

National Loblolly Day
Loblolly Creamery / Facebook

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