LAKE HAMILTON, Ark. — Getting back to the grind after summer break is tough work for coaches and players.

Lake Hamilton head coach Tommy Gilleran returns to the field from a trip that still has him seeing stars. Gilleran one of two recipients in the nation to receive the Gatorade Coaching Excellence Award, along with it a chance to trade his whistle and hat for a tux to walk the ESPY’s red carpet.

“It’s pretty cool, you walk off and see all these celebrities out there and you walk down and there the other side where all the stars are.” Coach even getting to talk a little ball with the Sherriff.

“You know they were really down to earth and especially Peyton Manning, what an experience to speak to him and talk to him and he’s just a really good guy and down to earth and had a great conversation with him. That experience was pretty awesome.”

From the Rams Todd Gurley, To the Timberwolves Karl-Anthony Towns, and even US women’s soccer legend Abby Wambach. The city of stars had an Arkansas feel to it.

“I’m overly blessed as a coach and as a person and to be thought of in all that and to be able to go through all that.”