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This new restaurant in North Little Rock takes freshness to a new level

Introducing Franks in North Little Rock— a newly opened restaurant run by two friends with a passion for fresh food and handcrafted burgers and hot dogs.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Nothing says summer like hamburgers and hot dogs! That’s the name of the game at Franks, a new eatery in North Little Rock that has locals raving!  

The story of Franks is one of two friends and former coworkers rekindling their friendship. After decades of working in the restaurant industry, Josh Powell and Anthony Hubbard decided to join forces and open their own restaurant using all the lessons they’d learned over the year.  

Josh is the “hot dog guy”. He’s concocted some unique recipes, including the “Seattle Dog” which is prepared with…brace yourself…cream cheese. That’s right, cream cheese! It’s surprisingly good. It pairs well with Josh’s homemade pepper jelly, topped with pickled jalapenos and crispy onions. It is a full meal in and of itself!  

Perhaps you’re not brave enough to try cream cheese on a hotdog but still want to try something fun, I recommend the BLT dog. Yes, a bacon-lettuce-tomato hotdog! Oh, and it’s deep-fried! It’s exactly as you’d imagine. A deep-fried, bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with lettuce and tomato! Maybe not the healthiest option, but certainly hearty!  

While the restaurant originally opened as a hot dog shop, their hamburgers quickly rose to popularity— and that’s where Anthony comes into play! He’s the grill boss at Franks and can cook up a great burger.  

The meat used at Franks is certified black Angus beef served on homemade buns that are flown in from New England.  

A lot of restaurants claim “freshness”, but few go as far as Hubbard and Powell to demonstrate their commitment to fresh food!

“There’s a freezer in the back, but I unplugged it,” explained Powell. “We didn’t even want to be tempted to pre-make anything!”  

Franks is conveniently located at the intersection of North Hills and McCain Boulevard in North Little Rock. Their address is 2511 McCain Boulevard, North Little Rock, and you can find their menu on their website here.

Credit: KTHV


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