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Ridgewood Brothers BBQ brings Texas-style slow cooking to the Natural State

Ridgewood Brothers BBQ is a community favorite in Russellville where the slow-smoked meats and delicious sides are just as good as the story behind the restaurant.

RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. — There’s no shortage of good barbeque in Arkansas, but there’s something special about Ridgewood Brothers BBQ in Russellville.  

The slow-smoked meats and delicious sides are hands down some of the best you’ll find in the state— but the story behind this place is what makes it a destination.  

Robert Couser and Grant Hall aren’t actually brothers, but they may as well be. These two have been lifelong friends ever since growing up together on Ridgewood Drive in Russellville.  

Though life would eventually take one of the pair to Wisconsin, Robert and Grant maintained a tight bond through cooking. 

The two set out to learn to barbeque together, sharing recipes and techniques, and even sending seasonings back and forth through the mail.  

It was early on in this long-distance hobby the two realized they had a special skill set that would reunite the dynamic duo. 

In a giant leap of faith, the two decided to make a career out of their shared passion for high-quality food, driving to Oklahoma to purchase a food truck sight unseen.  

Their instant popularity created a demand that quickly outgrew the capacity of the truck. While the secret to good BBQ is its slow cooking, the growing pains came very quickly.  

Now operating out of a brick-and-mortar only four years later, the parking lot is often full and a line begins forming by mid-morning. Locals know to order early and are happy to wait in line.  

The secret ingredient at Ridgewood Brothers isn’t a secret at all. In fact, if you spend any time around Grant, Robert, or their team, you’ll instantly recognize it. It’s raw passion.  

These two care so deeply about what they do that it’s palpable. While flavor and customer experience are of utmost importance, equally important is the history and culture behind their craft.  

The two diligently study Central Texas barbeque. They understand and honor the German/Czech influence and strive to adhere to the principles that define Texas-style barbeque today. 

For them, preserving and highlighting the heritage of what they do is a big point of pride.  

Each week 1,500 – 2,000 pounds of smoked meat come off the four giant on-site smokers to feed groups of hungry customers. 

The team is hyper-focused on every detail of the smoking process, including barometric pressure and humidity— it’s truly a fusion of science and art!

Ridgewood Brothers BBQ is open Thursday through Sunday and is located at 803 West Main Place in Russellville. Their menu is posted on Facebook 

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