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Easy ways to save cash on the clothes you want, make money on the clothes you don't

From work to play, from head to toe, we live in them every day; our clothes. But getting a new wardrobe can get expensive.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — From work to play, from head to toe, we live in them every day; our clothes. But getting a new wardrobe can get expensive. Luckily, we found you easy ways to save cash on clothes you want and make money on clothes you don't.

Jade Moore owns two adult clothing consignment stores in central Arkansas (Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor) and gave us insider tips to saving big.

First, let’s look at how to save money on clothing purchases by shopping at resale/consignment shops.

1. Shop during influx season

  • Moore said that consignment stores typically get a lot of items that are new with tags or new in boxes around Christmas. That means you can get great deals on items that have never been worn because people are getting rid of what they never wore the previous year or what they aren't able to return.

2. Stalk consignment store social media pages for updates on major sales and new items coming in

  • At places like Plato’s Closet, they have 90% off clearance sales four times a year. You can get text alerts so you know when all the sales are happening. Also, by following a store’s Instagram or Facebook page, you can see sales updates and find out about new items that are coming in. With a lot of resale shops, you can comment on the Instagram post showing the new clothes and ask for them to hold the item so you can come and buy it that day. That can be an easy way to get first dibs on new, affordable items.

3. Ask staff for help finding the specific high dollar brands you're looking for

  • Staffers often know their store inside and out. They know exactly where specific items may be hiding and they know exactly how to shop for what you are looking for to make sure you are in and out as quickly as you want to be. They might even have some new items hiding behind the counter that they could tell you about.

Here are some ways to make the most money selling the clothes you no longer wear:

1. Many consignment and resale stores will buy or accept clothes that are ready to sell. So, how you bring in your clothes can make a huge difference on how much money you are offered.

  • Moore said that it’s best to bring in clothes that are freshly laundered, off the hangers, and in a big bag or basket of their own. Staff members will check for stains, holes, pet hair, and anything that makes items not in “ready to wear” condition. Don’t bother bringing in items like this because it’s likely they won’t take them.

2. Bring in the right clothes at the right time.

  • Moore said that her stores buy all types of clothes all year round but they are offering the most money for clothes that will be worn the next 3 months ahead. That means, it’s not smart to bring in summer clothes at the end of summer, for example. Be thinking ahead.

3. Bring men’s clothes

  • While not all resale and consignment stores have a men’s section, the ones that do often are in need of more men’s clothes. Moore said that her Plato’s Closet location has such an influx of men coming in and wanting items that their men’s section can get small. They will offer cash on the spot for the clothes they need the most.

Here are some tips for shopping resale online:

  • Remember, consignment apps like Poshmark also allow you to buy and sell gently used clothes. On platforms like this, there are millions of items you may not be able to find locally. Within the apps, you can get email alerts on price drops and new items coming in.
  • If you do plan to make a purchase, don't be afraid to negotiate. In apps like Poshmark, you can make offers to the seller. Never take the first asking price unless you have to. The sellers usually expect you to ask for a lower deal so they’ll price a bit higher. On the flipside, if you do list an item of your own to sell, price it a little higher expecting people to negotiate with you.

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