CONWAY, Ark. — Some people train their whole life to compete in triathlons.

They're hard on the mind and the body, but an organization in Conway is finding a way to help some special athletes compete like everyone else.

"It is a triathalon, so we're doing swimming, biking, and running. If there's a kid that wants to, we're gonna find a way for them to finish it," said Raquel Tejada, a physical therapist for Pediatrics Plus.

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Tejada said they basically take what any kid is able to do and adapt it so that they can complete the race.

"It's amazing to me that there's people like raquel and so many people volunteering their time tomorrow to make something possible that we never knew was possible," said Kristy Schneider.

Kristy Schneider is the mother of Louie Shneider, whom you've heard us talk about time and time again. Louie is one of the special athletes participating in the triathlon.

"Louie doesn't have the endurance to be upright for very long and walking is such a challenge, but he can take a few steps especially with support; with help," Kristy explained. "So at the very end, Raquel is gonna get him out of his chair and help him walk across the finish line so he can finish with his brother, not in a wheelchair, but upright."

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Louie keeps defying the odds, and it seems like he's excited for the triathlon! Louie's brother Peter is going to help him finish strong.

The First Security Conway Kid's Triathlon is Saturday morning at 9 a.m. at Hendrix University.